Saturday 16 December 2017

Twisted sisterhood? Well that's just pants

There's a reason why women are able to inflict so much hurt on other women, says Julia Molony

AN american author is being touted as taboo- breaking for writing a book about the fact that women aren't always perfectly nice to one another. Kelly Valen's pop-cultural moment comes on the back of The Twisted Sisterhood -- a tell-all of the particular kinds of meanness and betrayal that women reserve for each other.

What's most surprising about this thesis, which the author admits is based on no research of any kind except the simple truths that came from being bullied by her sorority sisters while in college, is that this is considered to be a revelation.

Did the author really believe that femininity was next to godliness? That girls, by virtue of their gender alone, would be above all base motivations. If there is any revelation here, it's in the expectation that having ovaries should be considered the hallmark of a person somehow magically removed from the nitty gritty of being human.

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