Friday 19 January 2018

TV bomb was explosive, decisive . . . and dodgy

I'm not a Fianna Fail supporter, but let's acknowledge the reality of what happened here, writes Brendan O'Connor

On Monday night, on national television, a man who thought himself fit to be the President of this country refused to say that a murder was a murder. And there was a national furore. But, funnily enough, the national furore was not about the candidate who refused to call murder murder. It was about that candidate's untrue accusations against another candidate, accusations that the other candidate had done something that wasn't even illegal. It was perhaps a nice snapshot of how the way Sinn Fein came into legitimate politics has left strange distortions in our moral map here.

Martin McGuinness's accusation against Sean Gallagher rocked the country, and stopped Gallagher's previously unstoppable bid to be President. And most people seem to agree that McGuinness probably picked up a few votes out of the debate. He was regarded as having a good outing, even though he had refused to call murder murder, which you would imagine, in a normal country, would have created problems for him.

And though we must leave it all behind now and get behind our new President, and try to forget the horrendous and sometimes cheap and nasty fun we've all had for the last couple of months, it is important sometimes to just acknowledge what happened at particular moments in our history. Just so we are all clear on what went on.

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