Sunday 18 March 2018

Trim some fat and bring out those beasts

We can only have faith in a new government containing leaders who have seen a bit of life at the top before, writes Brendan O'Connor

Friday's opinion poll in The Sun cemented what we all agree anyway: that Fine Gael and Labour will make up the next government, as long as Labour doesn't keep losing ground to Sinn Fein. No one got too excited about the news.

Underlying all the current depression is the fact that we have lost complete confidence in our political system. When people say that they mean it in two ways. One is that we have lost faith in the kind of local yokels that get voted in because of PR and the clientelist system it encourages.

The second, and the more immediate problem, is that while we feel we are under the worst, and most unpopular, government in our history, we aren't really relishing the prospect of getting rid of them as much as we should be, because we have no huge faith in what we will replace them with. People are enjoying the prospect of giving Fianna Fail a kick in the ass, but beyond that nobody is really excited at the prospect of a new government.

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