Saturday 21 April 2018

Trillion reasons why Trump is playing long game

Donald Trump. Photo: AP
Donald Trump. Photo: AP

Gina London

There's a great scene in one of my favourite movies, Ratatouille, where head chef Skinner suspects that Linguini, the young man who has suddenly become a surprising cooking sensation, is up to something sneaky.

Skinner tries to loosen Linguini with a lot of red wine. Once he's properly inebriated, Skinner barks: "What are you playing at, Linguini?"

Skinner doesn't get his answer then. And we may not get ours now either. But amidst the pounding beat of daily press headlines chronicling Donald Trump's pandemoniac presidency, many of us, feeling a little punch drunk, are similarly asking: "What is he playing at? What's the long game?"

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