Monday 15 January 2018

Treading water simply means we'll drown more slowly

It's dawning on us slowly that Europe is going to let us sink despite Ireland having 'taken one for the team', writes Carol Hunt

SOME months ago, in a Q&A session in Vanity Fair, writer and journalist Michael Lewis noted: "The Irish are really charming in their interest in what foreigners have to say about them . . . [They] care too much about what others think of them, and the Greeks too little, and you can see both traits in the way they've handled their financial affairs."

Lewis has a point. We need to be liked. Sometimes to a masochistic degree. We'll do anything to keep on good terms with said 'foreigners', won't we?

And now that we have -- as Sharon Bowles MEP put it -- "taken one for the team", in that we've meekly agreed to impoverish the nation in a botched and futile attempt to try to stop banking contagion spreading to other eurozone countries, what do we get in return?

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