Friday 23 March 2018

Treacy Hogan: State to extract heavy toll from struggling motorists

IRISH motorists are getting used to "running on empty". What with soaring fuel prices and crippling insurance the blinking petrol light is now a familiar sight as we cruise on fumes, hoping to reach our destination without clanking to a halt on some godforsaken hard shoulder.

New plans are now afoot to further extract the last of the rapidly dwindling euro from our pockets. This time we are going to be charged new tolls based on the amount of motorway travelled.

First the good news. The current €2-€3 toll on the M50 over the former West Link will shrink to as low as 75c. The bad news, however, is that every single stretch of the upgraded motorway around the capital will also be tolled at a similar rate.

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