Monday 23 October 2017

Tomas Kafka: Too much anger can impair our political health as we search for the new European design

'Anger factor' is leading to the false conclusion that changing the status quo is the answer to EU ills, says Tomas Kafka

The time when it was enviable to be a European politician seems to be gone. Nowadays, the converse is the case -- being a top politician in an EU member state has become very difficult.

The recent elections have shown that this tendency towards difficulty has not come to its end quite yet. While it is often highlighted how big the "anger factor" is for voter's motivations, another aspect, however, has been forgotten so far: the angrier the voters are with their politicians, the bigger are the tasks they are entrusting to them.

Political constellations after an election are often tougher than the ones before. Emotions accompanying the current political riddles could easily stir up some political memories. In the Seventies, as the feminist movement in West Germany filled the streets, one of the beloved slogans sprayed on walls claimed: "You have no chance -- go for it!" Perhaps voters in some European countries feel that those German feminists from decades ago reflect current feelings. However, there is a huge discrepancy between then and now.

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