Wednesday 21 March 2018

To wed for love or for money matters

The economic and the romantic are both important to a good relationship, writes Carol Hunt

So Hugh Hefner is marrying his bunny girl. He's old (84), ugly and rich, she's young (24), beautiful and relatively poor -- so they must be madly in lurrve, God bless their idealistic little hearts.

Some envious cynics may accuse him of being an old lecher and her of being a cold-hearted gold-digger, but according to the latest academic research, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are just doing what comes naturally.

The controversial London School of Economics sociologist, Dr Catherine Hakim, in a 52-page report published last week, has hit the headlines once again -- this time by asserting that feminism/ gender equality has failed and women are even more determined to marry a rich man than ever. This seemingly is what women mean by "having it all".

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