Friday 20 April 2018

To Russia with love: Putin denies affair as he divorces

Putin's marriage split has sent gossip about his possible new lover into overdrive, writes Julia Molony

Julia Molony

The wall of secrecy that shrouds the Kremlin has cracked, ever so slightly. After decades of doing the political equivalent of humming and looking skywards whenever the subject of his marriage was raised, President Vladimir Putin, 60, has come clean, elbowing his estranged wife Lyudmila, 55, into the spotlight in order that they might break the news that their marriage is over.

Presumably there was some kind of division-of-labour contract in the presidential household, where eagle hunting and bear wrestling was assigned to him, and addressing the nation about emotional matters was left to her. I guess she can't be let off the hook in her duties without making a formal, and public, resignation.

It seems Putin's zombie presidency (it keeps coming back to life) has outlived his marriage.

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