Friday 23 March 2018

To be, like, or not to be? That's, like, the question. Or is it, like?

Why is it that anytime our monosyllabic youth open their mouths they're asking questions, asks Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O'Connor

There's a thing starting to annoy me? In a weird little way? It's the tendency you hear every day of the week, on the radio, on the telly, in conversations on the bus, for every single young person in the lovely Irish nation to end every sentence with a question mark? I find it bizarre? I find it unusual?

I find it drives me out of my mind?

Maybe you've noticed this yourself? Maybe you're okay with it? Yeah? I mean, I know there are more serious things going on? Like the recession and the economy and the state of the world and the builders and the bankers and their bonuses? And there are all sorts of questions that have to be answered? And it isn't that I want to be a grumpy old man? But lately I can't seem to help it?

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