Tuesday 23 October 2018

Time's up Mahon, it is getting tedious


It should be shut down. It should be shut down now. There is no appetite for it, no real interest in it. We cannot afford it in financial terms and we can no longer afford the virtual paralysis of affairs of state it has visited on us. We bitch and moan about the Dail only sitting for 70 days of the year or whatever. But the fact that much of that 70 days is spent with the same old tired people rehearsing the same old tired arguments about the minutiae of Bertie Ahern's financial affairs is the real scandal.

This country is facing one of the biggest economic challenges of modern times and we are fiddling while our livelihoods, the value of our houses, the very basics of being able to provide food and shelter for our families, are in jeopardy. Go and ask anyone on the street what they are concerned about right now and you'll find out pretty quickly it's not Bertie Ahern's finances but their own.

But somehow the media and the opposition believe we can afford the luxury of having the majority of political and media energy of this country expended on hounding Bertie Ahern. Clearly in their lofty perches they don't worry about things as prosaic as their jobs, their houses or their children's futures. There are standards to be maintained and the world economic meltdown can wait while we pick over whether there might have been an incidence of corruption in Bertie Ahern's career. Which it appears, by the way, there wasn't.

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