Monday 23 October 2017

Time we challenged aid industry

Why should we foot the bill for Africa's political corruption and soaring birth rates asks Eamon Delaney

I thought I was seeing things when I caught the headline 'Africa set to follow in Ireland's footsteps says Bob Geldof.' Well, has Bob not heard the news?

Zombie hotels, colossal debt and a class of senior officials and politicians milking the system: why, yes, it sounds like Ireland alright.

Of course, Geldof meant something different. He said that Africa is ''kicking off'' and the continent ''would jump the gap from being a rural economy to an industrial economy just as Ireland had.'' It is developing "beyond any model a developmentalist can come up with", according to the rock star turned aid activist, and ''people are getting online and contributing to some of fastest growing mobile markets''.

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