Saturday 20 January 2018

Tim Stanley: Reinvention of Hillary to shake up US politics

Hillary Clinton and Francois Hollande in Paris yesterday
Hillary Clinton and Francois Hollande in Paris yesterday

Tim Stanley

Hillary Clinton's career is one of history's finest examples of turning a loss into a win. In 2008, she was beaten in her attempt to become America's first woman president, in a campaign that seemed to drain every last ounce of integrity from the Clinton brand. She ran from the Left, ran from the Right, spent roughly $212m (€172m), and even tried to pass herself off as a "drinking man's Democrat" by knocking back shots in an Indiana bar.

It seemed that Mrs Clinton's career was over. But today, as US secretary of state, she has re-invented herself as the captain of the one area of policy in which the administration is popular with the voters: foreign affairs.

A new cult of Hillary has emerged around a hard-headed yet compassionate stateswoman who has restored reason and credibility to America's global mission. We're living as much in the Age of Clinton as we are the Age of Obama.

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