Tuesday 16 January 2018

Thou shalt have no gods before Darwin in modern society

Christians can't do anything these days without being harangued by fire-breathing atheists, says Eilis O'Hanlon

If there was one man who could have been forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief at the Taoiseach's now infamous Morning (After The Night Before) Ireland interview, it was junior minister Conor Lenihan. In one fell swoop, he immediately lost his place at the top of the league table of Government leaders with poor judgement, where he'd been sitting uncomfortably for the previous 48 hours after controversially agreeing to attend the launch of a new book which declares the theory of evolution to be a hoax.

True, Lenihan had already made it plain that he did not agree with the contents of John J May's book, and that he was going to be there only as a courtesy to a friend and constituent; and he was later withdrawn from the launch altogether, once it became clear how badly it was going down. Nonetheless, it was decreed the Science Minister had brought the integrity of his office into disrepute by dreaming of venturing within a bargepole's distance of such a publication.

Even the UK-based Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science weighed in to the battle to condemn Lenihan for "abusing his ministerial position". His presence at such an event, declared a piece on the foundation's website written by a chap from Atheist Ireland (no, me neither), would amount to no less than an "attack on scientists".

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