Sunday 17 December 2017

Those forced to emigrate deserve a vote

As one of the three million Irish people now living abroad, Louis Jacob is denied a franchise

Those who have taken the hard decision to emigrate have as good a reason as anyone to vote.

I'd love to take Reverend Jesse Jackson's advice this coming Friday, and get out to vote in this extraordinarily important general election. I'd like to have my say. But, as one of the three million or so Irish passport holders now living abroad, I'm not entitled to.

I'm not allowed to post my vote. I'm not allowed to go to the embassy to vote, and, most interestingly, even if I were to return to Ireland to cast my vote, it would still be considered fraud because I was not 'ordinarily resident' in Ireland on September 1 last year. For this type of 'fraud' I would face up to two years in prison.

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