Tuesday 21 November 2017

This Lady will never be a tramp

Lady Gaga's attitude to sex is a surprising breath of fresh air for our teenagers, writes Carol Hunt

So, what was the point of the meat outfit from the pop icon who seems to have launched a thousand theses? When Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta -- aka Lady Gaga -- strolled to the podium at the recent MTV awards wearing a couture mini-dress made entirely of raw meat, every cultural academic and student of critical theory sat up wondering: 'what?', 'why?' 'for whom?' and 'against what?'

While many recoiled in horror at the thought of all that raw meat slowly turning rancid in the heat, I reluctantly admitted that, as outfits go, it was infinitely preferable to the 'underage prostitute trying too hard' get-ups worn by other 'pop stars' of her generation.

I'm not quite sure whether she was slagging off vegetarians or meat eaters, (both conceivably could be offended) or getting a dig in at the whole concept of women's bodies as pieces of flesh, slaughtered and put on show for public consumption, or in a mood to shock Cher (to whom she handed her 'meat bag') -- or perhaps all three.

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