Monday 19 February 2018

This is Kenny's break; he must grasp it with both hands

Enda has to up media game and get talking to Gilmore it he is to prove his doubters wrong, writes Kevin Rafter

At a private dinner for journalists and political commentators hosted last week by officials from the British government, Enda Kenny was the butt of strong criticism. The British officials wanted to know more about the man who might shortly be leading Ireland's debt-ridden new government, especially as they were about to chip in €7bn from her majesty's coffers to the Irish bailout.

What they got from the assembled group of media elites was an earfull. Several journalists -- and some covered by a statutory obligation to offer balance and impartiality -- lambasted the man who will most likely be sitting in the Taoiseach's office in Government Buildings in a matter of weeks.

Kenny doesn't -- and has never -- got a break. Since he first amazed even his closest colleagues by expressing an interest in being Fine Gael leader in February 2001, he has been lampooned as a photogenic lightweight. On TV3 last week, he was even damned with the faintest of praise by one of the grandees of Fine Gael. When asked about Kenny's ability to be Taoiseach, Garret FitzGerald could only manage an ungracious prediction that Kenny would be a good chairman.

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