Wednesday 13 December 2017

This Government has discredited Ireland

IT has become a vital need of the Irish State to hold an election and achieve a new mandate for government that will allow the shaping of a plan that satisfies the people of this country that they have clear leadership and know where they are going.

This is not possible under Brian Cowen, whose political credit has long since run out. Nor is it possible under Fianna Fail -- a party whose confusion is immense and whose alternative leaders have produced nothing either clear or reliable in terms of a replacement policy for the one that Cowen tried, ineffectually, to follow.

Collectively, the party, from Brian Lenihan through all members of the Government, are on a wrong course and have lost international credibility and support just as they have done domestically. In light of this, the idea of charting a way forward, even into the early months of next year, is a non-starter. As for a four-year plan, forget it. New minds and new faces are needed for that. More than that, as I have argued for many months past, a new party is needed that will provide the cutting edge that is not evident in the present Dail.

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