Sunday 17 December 2017

This crazy regime typifies all that is wrong in how our country is run

That TDs can double their salaries in expenses shows the outrageous nature of the system, writes Daniel McConnell

ALMOST €22m -- that is the amount paid to TDs in expenses since December 2007. A total of €7.1m for the last 12 months alone, and that's with a new "more accountable" system. And this is on top of their €100k odd salaries. It's a joke.

Largely tax-free and up until March of this year, largely unvouched, the myriad payments to TDs have been so lavish as to allow them to double their already generous salaries.

During the good times, such excess was barely tolerable. But against a backdrop of record unemployment, a devastated domestic retail economy, rising emigration of our young and the catastrophe that is Brian Lenihan's banking strategy, such intemperance with regard to expenses is outrageous.

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