Saturday 24 February 2018

There is no one to watch Vatican watchmen

John Cooney

IMAGINE a worldwide health epidemic has erupted with the lethal force of a deadly plague. Panic takes hold when the medical profession is implicated through a series of malpractices, with drip-fed but damning evidence found to have been covered up for decades by the central office of the Chief Global Surgeon.

Rather than acceding to the reasonable demands of victims for full disclosure of all medical records and the naming and shaming of guilty medics, the Chief Global Surgeon launches an internal inquiry in which he nominates senior figures from a discredited profession to investigate a malignant basket case in a small European island nation.

Meanwhile, disillusioned patients are counselled to remain passive about the scale of the scandal, put their trust in this secretive process, and wait patiently for the licensed quacks to prescribe the cure for a disease which has eroded public confidence in the existing system.

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