Saturday 25 November 2017

Theo Dorgan: 'Reverse reform' means Gang of Four rules our country

A new Seanad is the only possible obstacle to the concentration of power in too few hands

Theo Dorgan

THERE'S nothing very complicated about reform: you take something that's not working and you fix it. Simple. This present government came into office promising wholesale and significant reform of how we do politics in this country.

Well, let's see how that worked out. The Constitution says that the government of the country is carried out in the first place by TDs in the Dail. In the past few decades, this constitutional imperative has been eroded, leading to government by diktat of the Cabinet, with Government TDs reduced to voiceless, spineless voting fodder (unless they wish to be cast into exterior darkness) and Opposition TDs bulldozed aside, no matter how many citizens they represent.

You might have thought it would be a sound democratic reform to allow the Dail to resume the role intended in the Constitution? Not a bit of it.

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