Monday 19 February 2018

The system isn't to blame, people are

We don't need yet another official report on child neglect, we need heads on plates, writes Emer O'Kelly

HOW many people in this country are weeping in outrage and disbelief this morning, and have been since Wednesday? It's happened again; there has been no change, the voices are as lame as ever, the process of avoiding reparation is kicking in as smoothly as ever.

Our country, once again, has proved that its systems exist to protect lazy and incompetent bureaucracy. Once again, the system has abandoned children to torment, this time in Roscommon. How many more? How many more times will we hear the empty words of apology, only to have them qualified by the claim that "no one person" can be held responsible, and that it was an "inexcusable systems failure".

The mother admitted committing incest with one of her children; the father was convicted of rape and sexual assault against of one of their sons. For 15 long years, six children lived in hell -- hungry, filthy, terrified. And "the system" is to blame.

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