Wednesday 22 November 2017

The real trouble will start when the war ends

Although Gaddafi has not been overthrown yet, rival rebel groups in Libya make for a volatile situation, writes Con Coughlin

Suddenly, the omens do not look so good for Muammar Gaddafi. A dramatic turnaround in the fortunes of rebel fighters battling to end the Libyan dictator's 42-year rule now sees them challenging for control of the strategically important oil port of Zawiyah, just 50km to the east of the capital Tripoli.

Their success is a welcome boost for a campaign that only a few weeks ago looked to be running into the sand, with Admiral Mike Mullen, America's most senior military officer, warning that the conflict was "in a stalemate".

The rebels' new-found enthusiasm for the fray will certainly come as a great relief for Nato, whose aerial assault on Gaddafi's regime was fast approaching breaking point.

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