Saturday 16 December 2017

The past is still raw to those in pain

Imagine the reaction if a bishop, confronted by victims of child abuse, had said, 'It's in the past', writes Eilis O'Hanlon

In any normal election, Michael D would be the divisive left-wing joker in the pack. This is a man who once called an American contributor that he didn't agree with on Newstalk a "w*nker" for not going along with his views on Israel. Very presidential.

Instead, Twee is looking like the consensus candidate -- a scenario which would have been as unlikely a few months ago as, well, the idea that the son of a murdered young Irish soldier could get the brush-off from the representative of the illegal organisation which ended his life, and that afterwards many voters would feel more annoyance at the bereaved son than with the man whose comrades pulled the trigger.

Of course, to express any quibbles about Martin the Peacemaker's candidacy in this election is to invite accusations of ranting, or being obsessed by the past, or wanting to deny McGuinness the democratic right to stand, even of wishing for the resumption of the Troubles, because, hey, that was such fun, wasn't it?

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