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The level of misinformation, half-baked conjecture and loony theorising that goes on around the Presidency is simply breathtaking

Back from a visit to London -- I hasten to say before the recent riot scenes -- and we were most taken with the level of courtesy shown to us by people in the street. You know -- 'How do you get to...?' 'Which bus do we take to...?' 'Which tube station to get us to...?' The ordinary, everyday, gob-smacked visitors' queries. And everywhere, people went out of their way to be as helpful as they could. Not just the cops, who were terrific, and not just the jobsworths with the caps, but everyone.

I know that sounds strange, in light of the awful scenes on our tv screens subsequently, but that's what we experienced. And I fell to wondering were we as good in this matter, with visitors to Ireland? I hope we are but I've no way of knowing -- let's face it, how often do I ask for directions in Dublin? And if I did, they'd probably want to bring me home to meet the Granny. Maybe we wuz just plain lucky, but the Londoners surprised us.

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