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The Judas kiss that led two killers to a young prostitute

When Sinead Kelly was murdered on the canal bank, it was another prostitute who pointed the finger, says Crime Correspondent AllenWHEN the young prostitute Sinead Kelly was murdered on the banks of the Grand Canal in Dublin in June of last year, there was the usual media frenzy regarding the safety of prostitutes and what might be done to protect them from violent pimps and abusive customers. And then we learned that the 21-year-old did not die at the hands of a pimp or of a customer, but instead was murdered on the orders of a drug dealer to whom she owed money.

Last Wednesday, investigating gardai at Harcourt Terrace sent the last of three files on their investigation to the Director of Public Prosecutions. If the DPP directs that the case should go to trial, the public will get to hear how Sinead was unwittingly led to her death by another prostitute, who met her just 20 minutes before she died.

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