Tuesday 24 April 2018

The Irish: From bog men to plain bonkers

Deluded to the point of deranged, we may soon need a 'state psychiatrist' to cure us of our many ills, writes Liam Collins

Liam Collins

Liam Collins

What Ireland needs now is a state psychiatrist. As a country we have all the attributes of a nation suffering from psychiatric trauma -- a psychosis that manifests in mood swings from deep collective depression to outright denial and delusion.

You only have to go away, far away, to some place like Australia, to realise when you come back that Ireland is in the grip of a collective mental breakdown. The last four years have cracked the national psyche and turned a mildly eccentric but relatively harmless people into a seriously deranged nation.

For a start we need someone to save our sanity by explaining how the two Brians, in the dead of night, managed to mortgage the future of four million people with the bank guarantee. Regardless of reality, a large section of the trade union-led public service workforce are still in a deluded state that there is some sort of "pot of gold" out there -- and they are entitled to more of it, on top of inflated salaries and a 'Rolls Royce' pension scheme.

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