Friday 19 January 2018

The EU is preparing to kill Irish democracy

LOVE of Europe, dependency on Europe, fear of Europe have distorted the whole picture of what is happening this weekend and Ireland is in a major danger zone as a result.

Enda Kenny and his coalition partners stand at the doors of the overweening EU institutions, cap in hand, waiting for some satisfaction. Their sights are set low. They want alleviation of the interest rate. They want someone to share in the cost of the banking disaster that was brought down on our heads through the stupidity of Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan, who have rightly become part of our recent bitter history of incompetence and subservience.

Our new political leaders, novices in the circumstance of their election, are humbled by the task they have taken on and unsure as to whose advice they should listen to. They are probably relieved that the crisis in Portugal has taken the heat off their short-term needs and given a breathing space that is added to by the stress testing of our banks going on now.

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