Sunday 18 February 2018

The Empire, our part in its downfall

Great news. We are no longer at war with the Brits. Brian Cowen went over to David Cameron during the week and between the two of them they sorted it all out. The relationship has now been transformed, according to Cowen. Well, he didn't quite say that. He's public sector, so he referred instead to the "context of the transform-ational relationship that has taken place", but we know what he meant.

So now the queen can come because the war is over, or in Cowenese, "no obstacle now exists for those normal courtesies of friendly neighbouring states exchanging visits through heads of state". Apparently it says a lot about the "modern bilateral relationship that we now have". All is changed, changed utterly, etc.

As much as you are no doubt savouring the relief that the war with our near neighbours is over, you may also be wondering why no one told you about it.

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