Monday 23 April 2018

The day that changed my life forever

David Usborne

David Usborne

Every 9/11 anniversary is a chore to be dreaded. I feel a sense of inadequacy as a writer. Particularly one who was there, under the Twin Towers as they gave in to the inferno and collapsed.

Observations that once seemed potent -- the high-definition blue of the sky, the pallor of the ash disturbed by my steps as I headed to the pile the following dawn -- are too well-worn now. And there has been some inevitable blurring of memories that are my own with the images that all of us have seen on the screen or the printed page.

A few things that you won't read or see anywhere else remain entirely vivid and probably will never leave me. I saw, for instance, a corner of the South Tower turning suddenly molten and running like wax from a fast-burning candle seconds before the entire structure roared to its foundations.

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