Monday 19 March 2018

The Croke Park agreement has worked fine for one side, but it has still to produce anything for our side

If this country had been governed at all over the past four years, we wouldn't be stuck in this black hole, writes Brendan O'Connor

IT HAS become commonplace now for Irish people to stop whatever they are doing, and look at each other, and say, "How did it happen? How did we fall so far, so quickly? How did we go from that to this so quickly?" And just look at each other, bewildered, and shake their heads.

The standard wisdom is that we all went mad and then the world collapsed around us. And while we blame international factors, vaguely mentioning sub-prime and the collapse of Lehmann's and something called the credit crunch, we largely blame ourselves, because we are encouraged to blame ourselves.

It is a classic narrative that appeals to the Catholic in us all: pride followed a fall. We got some money and we weren't used to dealing with it so we went bananas. We got greedy and now we are just getting what we deserved. We flew too close to the sun.

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