Tuesday 24 October 2017

The country is like a crash scene with the bickering culprits denying responsibility

Let somebody else, free of FF's baggage and guilt, start the business of rebuilding this land, writes Olivia O'Leary

IT'S like an accident scene from the BBC series Casualty. Blood and carnage and dead bodies are everywhere with the injured and dying crying out for help. The fire brigade and the ambulance services are desperately trying to gain access to the scene -- but they can't, because the drunks who caused the crash are still brawling, still arguing as to what story they're going to tell when they're called to account, and bickering over which of them should tell it.

Do they care about the crash victims? No, not half as much as they care about themselves. And there you have it, a picture of Ireland on January 18, 2011, and you know that all over the country, decent Fianna Fail supporters are as appalled as everybody else.

When are Fianna Fail party members going to stop rowing among themselves and get out of the way and let somebody with some credibility come in and clean up the mess? It's been dragging on for so long. We're more than two years on from the banking and the property bubble collapse and the dreadful Government mistakes of 2008 and the political drunks are still bickering. They should have got out right then.

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