Monday 20 November 2017

The complete failure of democracy and fair play

If Norris isn't fit for the presidential ballot, then how can Brady be acceptable as cardinal? questions Carol Hunt

'BUT Paddy, if we keep going over the Norris thing we'll all be upset, like with Parnell, The Civil War and Roy Keane," tweeted Paddy Cullivan last week.

He's got a point, has the Late Late Show musician and comic. It was a frustrating, confusing and ultimately depressing week.

Not since the Eighties have I heard such bitterness, bile and open contempt shown for the opinions of others. The triumphalism, the jeers, the accusations of sinister plots and liberal/conservative agendas left me cold. So much so that I declared that, for the first time since I turned 18, I would not be exercising my democratic right to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Why? Because, Paddy, democracy has nothing to do with it.

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