Tuesday 24 April 2018

The best revenge is to stop just being the ex

Holly Sweeney is not doing herself any favours by defining herself as somebody's ex-girlfriend, writes Celia Larkin

Celia Larkin

Why do people voluntarily splatter themselves across the tabloid newspapers? And splatter is what it is. Once you open the door to personal intrusion, there's no going back. Your emotional entrails on full display, your every move up for inspection. It might be great while the media seem to be on your side. But that won't last long.

Holly Sweeney's recent interview on how Rory McIlroy broke her heart actually saddened me. Not for the reasons you might think --that she was upset, hurt, broken-hearted -- but because here's a young girl of 21 starting out in life, defining herself as somebody's ex-girlfriend. Bad enough that she had to endure the tag directly after the break-up, but to pin it on herself like pinning on a donkey's tail is sheer madness.

If you've any sense, Holly, stop talking about him. Why position yourself as a bit player in someone else's life? Become the main player in your own.

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