Saturday 21 April 2018

The banks have Nama, but who is there to help homeowners like us?

Negative equity could compromise strategies to fix the banks, resolve public finance woes, and restore competitiveness, writes Carol Hunt

LAST week the entire family received a 10-year jail sentence. Minimum. And no malarkey about time off for good behaviour either. We are effectively under house arrest, with all privileges suspended indefinitely.

Although we are forced to continue working (the younger is currently being trained to go up chimneys in Leinster House and the elder is selling headshop gear around the local pub), every single penny that we earn will go into the pockets of our jailers.

For the next decade or so there will be no nights out, certainly no holidays, no new clothes, no school trips for the kids, no M&S dinners, no new (secondhand) cars.

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