Sunday 22 April 2018

The bank that we saved lied . . . and lied and lied

The Government should sit up and take notice of our poll -- it demonstrated the public's fury at the bailout, writes Brendan O'Connor

THE response to last week's Sunday Independent text referendum on the Anglo bailout was phenomenal. More than 25,000 of you texted your opinions -- 25,480 to be exact. This means that our text referendum is about 25 times bigger than the largest opinions polls normally conducted in this country. It is an unprecedented scale for any opinion poll. The fact that only about one in 20 people felt that the Anglo bailout should continue is extraordinary too. Has there ever been such a level of opposition among the public to a major plank of government policy?

It should be said that the text referendum is not scientific, in the sense that the respondents were not randomly selected. In this case, the sample selected itself. Those who were included in this poll were the ones who felt strongly enough to text their response.

So the fairest way to sum up the response might be -- of those who feel strongly enough to text about it, 94 per cent oppose the continuing bailout of Anglo. (The precise percentage is 94.26 per cent, with just 1,463 -- 5.74 per cent -- happy to continue the bailout).

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