Wednesday 21 February 2018

Thanks, Nama, for having us pay developers to sort out their debts

We don't really talk about the bad bank any more because we've supposedly had bigger fish to fry lately, says Brendan O'Connor

It would be an understatement to say that it has been a bad week for the Government. Somehow, this past week, with the madness of the presidential election behind us and nothing to distract us anymore, people turned and looked at the Government, and the grim reality of things, and it became a tipping point. And suddenly now, people are starting to feel about this Government the way they did about the last one.

The paying of the Anglo bond by our not-one-red-cent Government didn't help matters. Constant reminders of all the things that Leo and Noonan and Enda and co had said to get elected didn't either. And the apparent loss of more than €3bn on the books by the same Department of Finance that many people blame for ruining the country made people sure about what they had suspected all along -- that massive incompetency played a huge part in bringing down Ireland.

Seeing the former head of the Department of Finance stop in on his way to a fat-cat job in Brussels to get snippy and say that he was as surprised as anyone about the miscounting of €3.6bn didn't exactly inspire confidence either.

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