Saturday 20 January 2018

Terry Prone: Ms Downey may live to regret telling us her husband had an affair

Caroline Downey
Caroline Downey

YOU have a bright, beautiful successful woman who's just about to star in her first TV series. And what does she do? Announces that her husband has had an affair and that their marriage is over.

It's bizarre. It would go beyond cynicism to suggest that this constituted marketing for 'Celebrity Apprentice'. Viewers don't line up for a programme based on the fact that someone they don't yet know has had a marriage break-up, and Caroline Downey in TV Land is someone they don't yet know.

That's why she was doing a series of media interviews: to introduce her gently to potential viewers, make her face familiar to them, fill them in a little on why she should be in the throne we're used to seeing occupied by Bill Cullen in the non-celebrity version of the show.

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