Saturday 17 March 2018

Terry Prone: It's a sign of tough times when women are happier than men

THE Irish Independent/Today FM Behaviour & Attitudes survey reveals marked differences between men and women on key issues in society. In fact, just about the only point where the researchers found men and women agreeing in equal numbers is where both sexes were presented with the proposition that we should all do a good job every day just for the sake of it. Both genders stand firm on that. We're all for doing a good job, not because we're paid, but because of the intrinsic value of doing a good job.

Due south of that, though, men and women diverge, demonstrating differing emphasis on what could be called the "survival issues"; the ones that allow individuals to come out of bad times in one piece.

One of the key "survival issues" is optimism. Optimistic people survive and succeed better than pessimistic people, and this survey finds that women are more optimistic about the future than are their male counterparts. Not only are they more optimistic than the lads when they look down the barrel of things to come but, right now, they're also more content than the lads are with life as it presents itself to them on a daily basis.

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