Tuesday 12 December 2017

Susan McKay: Sycophantic Vatican courtiers have shamelessly switched from old guard to new

HE is an old man taking over as the leader of a spectacularly dysfunctional organisation. Its upper echelons are riven with ambitious factions. The head of its bank has recently been fired. It can't get priests. Police forces around the world are seeking criminals it has sheltered. Its churches are emptying. Its most enthusiastic cheerleaders are in denial about the reasons why a majority of its faithful members simply ignore its moral teachings. Good luck with that, Pope Francis.

While we waited for the white smoke to billow at the Vatican, a smart alec quipped that what was needed was "Jesus with a masters in business administration". What we have got, we do not really know yet. The choice was between a conservative and an ultra-conservative. Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been described as a moderate conservative.

It is odd that those who would hear no ill spoken about his predecessor, are now enthusing about apparently opposite values in this new man.

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