Wednesday 17 January 2018

Successor lies in wait as a fading tribe faces extinction

Having finally destroyed the country, Fianna Fail may itself lose the will to live, writes Declan Lynch

IMAGINE there's no Fianna Fail, it's easy if you try. . . With the Fianna Fail leader's popularity ratings heading down into single figures, and the party as a whole following close behind, certain political commentators -- and a few serious-minded people too -- are starting to think that the party is doomed.

That by the time John Bowman has finished counting them out on the next Election Night special, Fianna Fail will no longer exist in any meaningful sense. That the party will not have the numbers for a game of football, let alone for the formation of a government.

And that's an optimistic view, based on the theory that local issues will prevail in some constituencies. There is another theory, that they won't have enough for a game of five-a-side football or even table football.

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