Monday 23 October 2017

Stow your fears before take-off

Lucinda O'Sullivan found that she was not alone in her flying phobias, and in wanting to try to conquer them

Your stomach turns over, your palms sweat, you are convinced you have just signed your own death warrant, and that is only when you book your airline ticket!

Having flown all over the place, never really liking it, the fear grew until I just stopped flying. I love ferries, being able to take the car, drive around and come home with wine and other goodies in the boot. However, not flying has meant in recent years that I can't go on that opera weekend to Verona, or that trip to Amalfi with the girls.

What is it that scares us so much? Is it that we don't trust the aircraft, the crew, or ourselves? Is it the loss of control when we put ourselves in someone else's hands or is it just claustrophobia?

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