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State failures, not business sector, to blame for crisis

One thought that makes my mind boggle is the following: It has taken a banking scandal, a bad global recession and a worse domestic one -- not to mention the worst fiscal crisis since the early Eighties -- before some people finally decided to clamp down on cronyism. Some of us -- those who have been saying this for years -- are driven in our views by long analysis and study of how Ireland works and not by the political knee-jerk urgency of politicians.

We understand that the causes of cronyism run very deep. They are cultural and widespread. This is one weed that needs to be pulled up by the roots, not the leaves. A McCarthyite hunt that picks off some outer foliage without pulling the whole thing out of the ground just makes things worse in the long run. As some of their most innocent decisions show, our politicians fail to grasp how cronyism is fed by the deep-rooted contempt and cynicism about the unfairness of how we continue to do things in Ireland.

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