Saturday 25 November 2017

Spare us from bright and chirpy ideas

No amount of hippy dippy nonsense will help a fractured country repair itself, writes Gene Kerrigan

HERE they go again. The bright, chirpy people are getting in our faces. The bright, chirpy people are sick and tired of "unhealthy cynicism". They're against scepticism and in favour of idealism. They reject negativity and demand positivity. Instead of cursing the darkness, they want to light a candle.

The latest incarnation of this fatuous phenomenon is led by our esteemed president, Mary McAleese, heading up the "Your Country, Your Call" campaign. It promises to squander a couple of million euro, gathering "transformative" economic ideas. To draw us in, it offers a hundred grand to each of two winning ideas that "transform" the collapsed economy.

The campaign suggests there are "ideas" no one has conceived that are so startling that they will magically restore the Celtic Bubble. All we need do is be positive.

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