Monday 23 October 2017

Sorry seems to be the easiest word

Declan Lynch looks at the spate of apologies flying about the place and finds Michael O'Leary's effort to be the most sincere

Everyone's been apologising of late. In religious circles in particular, it's been apologies a-go-go.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the bearded Dr Rowan Williams, has been apologising to the Archbishop of Dublin for remarks he made about the "loss of all credibility" of the Church in Ireland; while the Archbishop of Dublin has himself been apologising to all of us for just about everything.

Meanwhile in the Vatican, an apologetic spokesman distanced the Pope from remarks made by the Pontiff's personal preacher who had compared attacks on the Holy See about the cover-up of sex abuse cases to "the worst aspects of anti-Semitism"; a statement that arrives in the context of a long letter in which the Pope himself apologises for a lot of things. Up to a point.

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