Sunday 18 November 2018

Sorry, Pat, but you're no Gay Byrne. You never will be. And you know it

Eilis O'Hanlon

THE RTE Guide is hardly the first stop for a reader in search of hard-hitting, analytical journalism.

But even by its own dismal standards, the interview with Pat Kenny in the magazine's latest edition is so sycophantic as to make the recent hagiography of Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk in the Phoenix look scabrous.

Over three glossy pages - adorned with pictures of Mr Kenny looking more youthful and radiant than Our Lady descending on a cloud at Fatima (do they touch up the photos in the RTE Guide? If not, the portrait photographers there must use lights so powerful that they can be seen from space) - we learn the shocking news that Pat "looks tanned and rested after his summer break"; "would make an interesting guest on his own show" (wanna take a vote on that?); thinks Ireland has got too greedy (sorry, what's his salary again?); and considers the Late Late Show to be "a contest of logic between me and the subject".

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