Tuesday 21 November 2017

Some weeks, I have to beg for money

One man speaks out on his experience of how the bully-boy tactics of the banks are crushing his business and the dreams of hard-working entrepreneurs

The banks are running the country and are fast running it into the ground; I speak from personal experience of dealing with them on a daily basis. Unless we are going to end up as a state of social welfare recipients and civil servants, the Government has to stop the banks in their tracks before any more damage is done. We are in a very serious state and, up to now, there has been a lot of lip service. So today I am imploring the people of Ireland to please take notice of what is happening in this country and to stand together and do something to protect our people and our businesses against these financial vipers.

I am confident that I speak today for thousands of people who are in the claws of the bankers without any chance of release -- except through emigration or death -- when i say that sometimes it would be easier to die than deal with these ruthless, faceless institutions. It is a joke to say the banks are helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs). On the contrary, we are being strangled by them. Look around any town in Ireland and all you see are 'To Let' and 'For Sale' signs.

They may be bailing out the big boys, but they are running small businesses into the ground. As I write, I know of a small-time builder whose name was never in bright lights but who earned an honest income, who has sold a house, but the bank is refusing to give him a few thousand euro to finish off the house so he can complete the sale.

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