Friday 15 December 2017

Soldiers and tribesmen make a first attempt at political reform

Our big political parties may have anachronistic names, but they are starting to think ahead, says Marc Coleman

Last week, our two main political parties made their first attempt at political reform. At least, it is to be hoped that it is their first attempt.

From its profoundest depths, our country is crying out for change -- real change. Not change for change's sake, mind you, but an overhaul of politics to make government fit for the 21st Century. Provided they are only the start of a debate that becomes more radical, Fine Gael's New Politics document and Brian Cowen's reshuffle are a good start.

In Ireland's inert, hierarchical culture, getting change of any kind is like kicking a dead whale along a beach. Brian Cowen knows this from his efforts to try and solve Fianna Fail's internal troubles. Perhaps had he made more progress there in recent years, he might have had a freer hand last Tuesday.

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