Sunday 18 November 2018

So who elected Flouncer Boyle to run the country?

We have allowed an unelected Green's hissy fits dictate the course of this fragile State, writes Brendan O'Connor

A BIT of context if we may. There was a brothel operating in an apartment in Clancy Strand. The apartment was owned by Nessan Quinlivan, an IRA man who blasted his way out of Brixton Prison in 1991 with Pearse McAuley, one of the killers of Jerry McCabe. Quinlivan was awaiting trial on charges of plotting to murder and conspiring to cause explosions. Nessan Quinlivan did not know there was a brothel operating in the apartment.

Maurice Quinlivan is Nessan Quinlivan's brother. Obviously the whole thing was nothing to do with Maurice whatsoever, and the suggestions Willie O'Dea made to the contrary were completely untrue, as has been determined by the court.

Willie O'Dea, for his part, completely accepted he made a serious error and had defamed Maurice Quinlivan -- and Willie O'Dea paid Maurice Quinlivan substantial damages. Of course Willie O'Dea also made a sworn affidavit denying he had said in an interview that Maurice Quinlivan was part-owner of the apartment that was being used as a brothel. O'Dea subsequently accepted he was mistaken in this affidavit.

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