Tuesday 16 January 2018

Smoking ban leaves any compromise out in cold

This ridiculous measure is choking the already suffering bar and restaurant trade, writes Louis Jacob

I'm sitting in a bar in Warsaw, drinking a coffee, reading newspapers on line and smoking cigarettes. And I can tell you one thing for nothing -- it's a beautiful thing not to be treated like a flea-ridden pariah.

I imagine a scene in my head. Three or four poor misfortunes along with a barman are standing in the freezing cold, outside an empty, fire-lit cosy pub in rural Ireland, sucking on cigarettes while they shiver. What's stopping them from going inside? Someone else's idea. It sounds like some kind of existential farce. But it is not. It is a profound picture of how we have decided to draw a line under sensibility and compromise, instead inflicting a ridiculous final solution on ourselves.

Browsing on Articlesb-ase.com. I'm drawn to the headline, 'Smoking Ban an Irish success story.' One Seamus Maguire relates how the smoking ban is a success. Why? Because people are adhering to it. I suppose it is a technical success then. Near the bottom are the following two paragraphs. Bear in mind that they are written by a man who feels the smoking ban is a success.

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